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Suzanne VanRandwyk Debut CD
"Kiss Me Again"


Suzanne VanRandwyk is an acoustic singer-songwriter who has been a fixture in the Austin, TX music scene for over a decade. Combining elements of folk-rock, indie-pop, country, Americana, and the blues, she creates heartfelt songs that tell stories of everyday people in vivid detail. After years spent honing her craft with Girl Guitar Austin, Suzanne is currently emerging with some of the best songs of her career. She is set to continue touching her listeners' hearts with her deeply emotional music for years to come.


The Underground Sound 

Review of "Soul In A War Zone"

"Folk, Country, Americana, very American Roots music. Heartfelt lyrics, really touching, this will connect with a lot of people and this one I could hear a lot of times and enjoy it. Vocally, I think, very Judy Collins or maybe even a sort of softer version of Joan Baez, really, that crisp clearness and clarity of her voice. Lovely work and great lyrical content."           ~ Carlos Fandango Music

"When the lyrics started in, I was thinking Sarah McLachlan or The Zombies, it was just amazing. Very nice song, heartfelt lyrics, great production. It is, by all intents and purposes, a hauntingly beautiful, meaningful song."

     ~ DJX Tech

"A lovely song. A tearjerker. Voice is very nice. Very meaningful lyrics, very easy on the ear to listen to. I was very impressed with it. She’s got a lovely voice."

     ~ Rich Davis Piano

A&R Factory
Review of "Kiss Me Again" (single)

"One of the most romantic singles of 2022 so far with the joyful smooch-filled gem that is Kiss Me Again. Suzanne VanRandwyk is a wonderful indie Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter who blends in Americana, folk-rock and country. Soothing our worries away while she brings a ray of sweet sunshine inside our intrigued ears, Suzanne VanRandwyk shows us we are better off when we are in the zone of love. Her genuine vibes are there for all to see and hear, as there is a warm glow of fondness from a truly classy soul."

     ~ Llewelyn Screen

Release information

September 16th, 2022



Cell: 1-737-738-4288

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